All the features you need to run usage-based subscriptions

Built by industry experts and tested by Founders, CMOs and Growth Leads at consumer product companies
in multiple categories.

Flexibility & control
for customers

Liminal uses customers' usage rates to calculate the delay or speed up to their next order. With Liminal, customers avoid product build up.

Plug and play

Liminal seamlessly integrates with your existing ecommerce platform. Add our product to Shopify, Recurly or Big Commerce with one click.

Flexible design components

Customise Liminal's white-labelled screens with your brand colours, logo and imagery. Set different brand assets for different products and subscription types.

Flexible product-level configuration

Change your settings in Liminal according to the form your different products take. Liminal can calculate order changes for both unit-based and liquid products.

Analytics that inform operating metrics

Add benchmarks to our dashboards and see the impact Liminal has on churn, conversion to subscription and contribution margin in real-time.

Secure, anonymised data processing

Liminal adheres to all applicable legislative and industry standards in respect of information security and data privacy.

Frequently asked questions

Smart brands have been asking us similar questions.

Can we use Liminal with our existing subscription app (e.g. Recharge Payments)?

Yes. Liminal works with Recharge Payments and Bold Subscriptions, with Recurly and Big Commerce coming soon.

Do we require engineering time to integrate Liminal?

No. Liminal is designed to be added to your ecommerce platform with a single click, and can be configured by non-technical team members.

Do we have to change our customer communications?

No, Liminal only replaces the existing 'next order coming soon' email sent by some subscription service providers.

To what extent can we customise the look and feel of the product?

We know from experience that when you're selling online, appearance is everything. That's why we made it easy to change everything from your brand colours to your assets for each product you offer on subscription using Liminal.

Can we also see the impact that Liminal has on conversion to subscription?

Yes. A number of our brands have been excited about this, so we've built a conversion section into our live analytics dashboard.

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